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Our History

CheckPoint was built out of the need for a reliable system to monitor numerous transport systems and stadiums in Australia. Where as other systems frequently failed, in the first 2 months CheckPoint had recorded 61,300 scans without a flinch and zero down time. It's an industry hardened product before we made it available to other Security firms.

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We're in this together

The year of COVID has seen a surge in the roll out of the solution. We've been doing our bit too. We made some tweaks to our system to enable tracking of patrons checking into Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels. Allowing for patrons to be contacted if they had come in contact with anyone who has COVID.

Continued Success

2019 Saw a continued roll out of the CheckPoint solution to Stadiums, Train stations and Retirement homes.

CheckPoint Secure Founded

CheckPoint Secure was founded by Dan Skill in year 2018 from a contract with a corporate security firm to monitor building sites for John Holland Group and Transport for NSW. This was a proving ground for the technology that features auto scaling, auto failover and is a pure cloud based solution.

The initial roll out went to three locations across Sydney, NSW with positive results of 61,300 transactions in a matter of months and 100% uptime.

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